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My name is James Ogunjimi...

James Ogunjimi

You’re here, so you’re obviously curious about me. These are the 9 things you should know about me:

  1. Marketing Manager at SmallSmall: I currently lead the marketing team at SmallSmall, a Nigerian Proptech company revolutionizing how the next generation in Nigeria accesses and experiences housing.

  2. Previous Work: Before my current role, I was the Marketing and Growth Manager at Conclase, where I played a pivotal role in the company’s expansion, leading the launch and growth of Conclase Academy, an edtech in Nigeria that’s become a bridge between tech education and the tech industry.

  3. Send Weekly Newsletter: Every week, I send out a newsletter that covers a range of topics from the latest in marketing to helpful tips and insights to friendly banters and takes on trending issues and more. This newsletter is a reflection of my commitment to continuous learning, starting conversations, and sharing knowledge with a wider community.

  4. Published Author: I’ve written two books – “A Wall Is Just A Wall” a thriller published by Bahati Books, UK in 2018, and “Selling Weed To The Police,” a deep dive into understanding target audiences and consumer behaviour, published in 2020.

  5. Contributions to Publications: My writing has been featured in various platforms such as Kalahari Review, Brittle Paper, Pambazuka Press, Sahara Reporters, Premium Times, The Nation Newspaper, and more.

  6. I Love Dogs: I have a German Shepherd called Nala. She’s not just a pet, but the family’s lastborn. She knows it and acts like it.

  7. I Love Books: I enjoy reading and go everywhere with my Kindle. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love books. I’m also genre-agnostic, which means I read everything. So you can drop me a book, newsletter or author/writer recommendation and I’ll do the same.

  8. Football-lover: I love football and support Manchester United through thick and thin. Mostly thin these days 😭. I also believe in the football supremacy of Cristiano Ronaldo. I testify that there is no football god but Cristiano Ronaldo, and that Lionel Messi (skills be upon him) is his messenger.

  9. Approachable: I believe in making connections and friends, whether professionally or through shared interests like football, love for pets, books, or something else I’m yet to discover.

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