The Key To Why Your Ads Are Not Converting

August 23, 2021by James Ogunjimi0

When auditing online ads for businesses, one of the common mistakes I’ve seen people make with targeting on Facebook/Instagram is to only focus on the keyword their business is in and then complain that their ads are not converting.

For instance, if they sell biscuit, they’ll only search for ‘biscuits’ or ‘snacks’ as interests and save that audience. That can be limiting if you want to run ads that will start converting.

A good way to expand your audience base is to go beyond just the keyword interests of your business and look for your audience’s interest.

What do you think your potential audience reads? Forbes? Pulse? Tech Crunch? Select it. What do you think they watch? CNN? Fox? Nkan Mbe? NTA? Choose it because that’s the key that’ll get your ads to start converting.

Focus your attention on your customer, not just on your own product or service.

If you offer social media marketing services and you’re running ads to get clients, the odds are your customers are not going to be found via the ‘social media marketing’ interest.

All you’ll get from that will be other social media managers liking it and telling you “nice copy”, or if the devil use to use them one or two times, they’ll try to promote their services on an ad you’re paying for.

No, your interest should be on your customer. Your client will probably identify more with the ‘small business’ or other niche interests like ‘cake making’, ‘real estate’, ‘food shop’, ‘health insurance’ and co.

Don’t limit your interest to your business’ interest, focus on your customer’s and you can get your ad in front of them.

James Ogunjimi


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