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April 20, 2021by James Ogunjimi0

Some of us never take the leap when it comes to scaling our businesses.

Maybe it’s out of fear, self doubt or the desire to play it safe, but some of us never take the leap.

Ideally, the way building businesses work is to start small at the starting stage, be sure there is a market for your product/service, get reviews that validate you, and then armed with those reviews, step onto the big stage.

But some of us stay in the starting stage forever and for some, after a while, conclude that “business is not moving like before” and quit.

Even startups, when they want to raise funds from investors start small.

They get those around them to use their products or services.

They start making small money to show that there is money to be made from their product/service.

They increase number of users/clients.

They get credible testimonials and reviews from users and clients that prove that they have a good product or render good service.

Then they carry all of this information, make a deck and pitch an investor.

They raise funds and get bigger.

But I’ve seen too many of us that sell products and services in our circles on social media. We’ve sold plenty products.

We’ve gotten mad-ass reviews that show that people love our products and services.

We’ve generated revenue that shows people are buying.

But we don’t try to leave the starting phase. We stay there and keep circulating in the starting stage.

I’ve seen people put a mad price tag on their products/services because they’ve stepped up to the big stage. They’ve left the testing and starting phase.

Sometimes, taking the leap is as simple as creating Facebook Ads about your business and trying to sell outside of the small circle you’re comfortable with.

That circle, great as they are for being your early adopters should not be your final destination. You should be able to refer to them in your success story as those who believed in you enough to buy from you and patronize you when you were just starting out; but they should not necessarily be your final destination.

Taking the leap for some may be paying for Facebook Ads to reach an even wider audience.

For others, it may be placing their products on a popular e-commerce platforms like Jumia, Konga and co.

For some, it may be having their own website where they talk about their services or sell their products, showcase their reviews, and build a following.

Others may even choose to have an email list where they can share helpful tips and use the opportunity to market to those on their list.

Whatever ‘taking the leap’ means to you, it’s important that you follow it and take the leap.

I’ve seen some people get mad-ass reviews and testimonials about their products and services that I wonder why they are still following us to play in the starting stage here instead of stepping outside of this comfort zone, spreading their wings and flying off.

You have tens of people talking about how great your product is or how good your service is? Take that leap today.

Pay for Facebook adverts. Get that website. Put your products on that popular platform. Sha take the leap. Time haf reash.

James Ogunjimi

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