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Social Media & Content Marketing
Creating content requires an understanding of the audience you are talking to and what you want the content to achieve. With extensive experience creating content across multiple channels and managing social media, your business is in good hands with me.
Email Marketing
From building a list to creating funnels, I'll help you utilize email marketing to achieve business objectives.
Marketing Automation
Automating your marketing makes the job easier and consistent for you.
Google Advertising
Paid advertising on Google gives you an opportunity to be discovered faster on search engines and through the right targeted keywords. I understand this process and will help you hit your target with it.
LinkedIn Advertising
LinkedIn is home to the largest number of professionals on the internet. I'll help you reach your intended audience on LinkedIn.
Product Strategy
A great product strategy will help you set down what your plans for your product are and how to make them happen.
Video Advertising Copy/Script
A well told story will get people to notice your business. That well told story that's with a well written script that will convey everything you want to say in the advert. I'll help you tell that story.
Whether it's to write editorials, share opinion pieces, business articles, speeches, and more, I'll help you put your best foot forward.
Media Relations
I'll help you leverage a solid relationship with the media to give your business media attention.
Digital Marketing
I'll help you deploy digital marketing for your business, ensuring that you touch every point and reach customers everywhere they can be found.
Marketing Strategy
Nothing should be done without a strategy. Strategies help you decide what your goal is and what needs to be done to meet it. I'll help you design a strategy that will get the job done.
Website Design
A quality website is a plus for any business. I'll help you create a professional website that can announce you and your business to the world.
Market Research
I'll help you keep track of the market you're in and what people think about your product/services with research conducted through relevant platforms and means.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Optimizing your business helps you rank high and makes it possible for you to be discovered easily.
Radio Advertising
Radio lives! Give your business the radio exposure.
Influencer Engagement
Influencers amplify your message to your audience and add a personal and familiar touch to your message. Let me help you find and work with the right influencers for your business.
Editorial Placement
If you want to get editorials about your business and what you're doing into the limelight in the media, we should work together to make this happen.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Whether it's on your website or social media channels, it is important that your platforms make it easy for those who visit to do what you want them to do.
I hold one-on-one, group and team training. Keep your team relevant by tapping into this.
Public Relations
Whether it's online or offline, we help you manage every process of how you are perceived by your customers and clients as well as the general public.
Facebook & Instagram Advertising
Using Facebook and Instagram adverts, I'll help you achieve campaign objectives, be it sales, awareness, growth, etc.

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    I'm a marketing communications and strategy professional, author, 'Selling Weed To The Police', and a Red Devil.
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