Instagram Is No Longer About Photos

July 8, 2021by James Ogunjimi0

Instagram, the way you know it is disappearing and is no longer just about photos.

A few days ago, Instagram boss, Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram was no longer a photo-sharing app. Shocking as it may appear, it makes some sense seeing as video is leading the content race across different platforms.

TikTok has seen a lot of growth since it launched and while Instagram had tried to keep up with Instagram Reels, they are now prepared to push even harder in the direction of video as opposed to the photos it focused on previously.

In the past, posting great photos of yourself or your product and adding the right hashtags could get the job done in terms of securing the engagement and traffic on Instagram. It looks like that’s about to change.

How can you keep up on an Instagram that’s no longer just about photos?

Start creating more video content. You don’t need big cameras and lighting and an entire crew to make great videos these days. A good phone camera along with the right idea will get the job done for you.

Here are some free apps that will make video content creation easy for you:

1. InShot: This app is available on Google Playstore and Apple Store and has features that can help you create simple videos with photos and text that can be shared to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more. It has a paid plan that costs N3600 per year. But the free plan has all the features you need too.

To download the android app, click HERE. For the iOS app, click HERE.

2. Prism Live Studio: This app is completely free and has amazing features that even other paid apps don’t have. You can stream live to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, anywhere for free and use subtitles, lower-thirds and all while streaming live and even take photos. You can also record your video on the app and edit with great features.

To download the android app, click HERE. For the iOS app, click HERE.

3. Benime: This app is a personal favorite for me because I followed the development from when the creator just started out and was getting feedbacks on how to improve it to where it is now.

Benime makes it easy to create quick video content in an explainer / white board format. It has quick integrations with Lottie Files, a platform where you can get simple animation to integrate in your video as well as Unsplash, a website for free, quality photos you can use in your video and share to Instagram fast.

Benime is free, but the free version has adverts and requires you to watch a video every time you want to create a new slide. You can buy it for a one-time fee of N7200 if you no longer want to see ads. Worthy investment too, for real.

To download the android app for Benime, click HERE. It does not have anĀ iOS app, so, sorry ehn.

The Instagram that’s about photos that you know is going. Prepare yourself to thrive on the video-driven Instagram that’s coming. I’ll tell you more about video content and how to plan what you’re going to say and more in subsequent posts.

Until then, stay thriving!

James Ogunjimi

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