How to Use Google Ads and Keywords to Steal Customers From Your Competitors

August 27, 2021by James Ogunjimi0

Have you ever typed in some keywords to search for a company on Google and you found another company’s ads instead?

It happens. Sometimes you can search for something online and you’ll be shown its alternatives or competitors instead. For instance, you search for MailChimp, an email marketing service and you find SendLite, ActiveCampaign and co.

Why does that happen?

Well, it’s a sneaky way that companies sometimes use to get visibility and sales for their businesses online using Google ads and keywords.

If they realize that when customers of this service or product want to search for it, they type in this company’s name or a particular keyword on Google, they go after that name creatively either through SEO or using ads.

Let’s say I sell makeup kits but I’m not popular. So, when people want to buy makeup and go to Google to search for, let’s say, ‘Where to buy Marykay makeup in Nigeria’ (or whatever 🙄), I know they’ll probably be shown House of Tara or some other big name. Let’s go with House of Tara for this.

So, if I am desperate enough, I can do two things:

1. I can go after House of Tara as a keyword using normal SEO strategies where I use house of Tara on the pages on my website and on some of my blog posts.

2. I can run Google Ads and choose ‘House of Tara’ as one of my target keywords.


Let’s start with the first one which is using house of Tara on the pages on my website and on some of my blog posts.

You see, I can choose ‘House of Tara Alternative’ as my focus keyword. So, on my pages, I can use that focus keyword. On the homepage, I can go with “Marykay Distributor | Affordable House of Tara Alternative in Nigeria”

Not completely advisable, but if you are new, have no huge marketing budget to punch the same weight as the big guns, and are desperate enough, you can pull it off by using keywords and Google Ads.

Plus, it’s a strategy and it doesn’t need to be permanent. You can change it anytime you want.

Now, to the second one, which is running Google Ads and choosing ‘House of Tara’ as one of my target keywords.

I can take it further by including House of Tara in my Google Ads headline and subtitle. For instance, my Headlines can read: Quality Marykay Makeup in Nigeria | 5x More Affordable Than House of Tara

My subtitle can look something like: ‘Buy 100% quality Marykay products in Nigeria from Ajanlekoko, number 1 House of Tara Alternative’.

That way, when people go to Google to search for things like ‘House of Tara website’, ‘Where to buy Marykay in Nigeria’, ‘House of Tara office’, they can actually find your ads first before they are even shown the House of Tara details because you have used the right keywords.

I mean, some companies even create their ad with just their competitor or industry leader’s name or keywords on their Google Ads headline and run it. So, when you search for the industry leader’s name, you’ll find their ads.

The good thing about Google Ads is that on your Google Ads dashboard, you can actually check the keywords that people searched for that made Google show them your ads. That way, you can use it to tweak your ads and make them better.

In the end, this is a sneaky way to mooch off the big guys’ name and popularity to quickly get your products in front of the right audience.

Have you noticed these things and ads like these that use keywords to get customers on Google before? Let me know in the comments.

James Ogunjimi

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