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I Can't Find What I Want To Do Under The List of Services You Offer

Yeah, so that’s not a problem, okay? You can use any of the contact options to reach me so that we can talk about it. Fun fact, it’s probably a service I offer, and if it’s not, I’ll recommend someone awesome that can get it done.

Why Can't I Find The Fee For The Service I Want on The Pricing Page?

See ehn, there are some projects that you can’t name a fee for until you’ve discussed it. They have services that you cannot slap a one-all fee on and expect to work.

But sure, send a quick message about the service, we’ll discuss what needs to be done and we can start.

Can I Negotiate Your Fees?

Huh? Not exactly unless you want some of the services to be removed. Which is not advisable by the way if you intend to hit the target.

Spend this money na. My people will say it’s money they use to bring money. You spend to get. Spend this money.

What Do You Do?

I write. I consider myself a writer first, everything else comes after. I am also a marketing communications and strategy guy with certificates in public relations and advertising, brand and product management, integrated marketing communications, and more. Let me stop there before I over-brag ehn. It’s not easy.

I have been lucky to have worked on some cool brands too, you know, both as an employee and as someone running things.

Some of the cool companies I’ve worked on or with are: Premier Bet, Skyy Vodka, Aiteo, Landlagos, Porkoyum, MotorMata, Profice Pharmacy, Homeric Spices, etc

Why Should I Trust You?

Well… go and read what I wrote up there again ehn.

I have experience working on/with some of your favorite companies and making shit happen.

As the overused debating line from my childhood will say, I hope I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that you can trust me with your business.

What do you do for fun?

Simple: I play video games, dance (don’t look at me like that) and troll Chelsea fans. That last part is one of my favorite past times.

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WHO AM I????James Ogunjimi
I'm a marketing communications and strategy professional, author, 'Selling Weed To The Police', and a Red Devil.
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