Creating, Distributing and Repurposing Your Content

August 3, 2021by James Ogunjimi0

One of the mistakes people (I’m on this table too 🧐) make after creating content is to limit it to one channel or one format without repurposing or distributing it, especially if they have a preferred social media platform.

It’s easy to make a really good post on Facebook and let it stay on Facebook, but content that you create either for personal purposes or for your business can exist on a lot more channels and in different formats and they should.

A normal Facebook post can become a 15-second TikTok video, a 5-minute podcast, a 3-minute-read blog post, a 5-thread tweet on Twitter, a 6-carousel post on Instagram, a 2-minute read on LinkedIn, and anything at all that you want it to be.

When I made a really long post about alternative marketing channels to social media the other day, I went a step further and turned it into an ebook, making it possible for anyone to own it and refer to it when they need. That’s how repurposing and distributing content works. You can click here to get the eBook for free, by the way.

This week, don’t limit yourself to content creation. Create, repurpose, distribute.


James Ogunjimi

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