5 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy An Email Marketing List

August 20, 2021by James Ogunjimi0

Email Marketing has the highest return on investment (ROI) of all the types of marketing making people sometimes want to buy a list. In fact, according to McKinsey, it has better conversion rates than Facebook, Instagram and co.

It’s not a surprise then that when a lot of people (and businesses) find out how good (read profitable) it is, they want a quick fix to start making money from it.

So, instead of working on their email marketing the right way, they rush to buy a list that they’ve been told ‘has qualified leads’. But does it work as it should? Naaaah!

I’m sure you’ve gotten a few unsolicited emails trying to sell you something. Some have tried to sell me roofing sheets. 😏 Some even tried to sell me services I offer. Weird thing I tell you.

I remember a friend that runs online marketing for a real estate company calling me up to ask for contacts to buy a real estate email marketing list.

So, I have made a list that covers some of the reasons I told him about why buying an email list is a bad, bad idea.

1. You can’t trust the quality: Look, someone can sell you a list and tell you it’s filled with qualified leads, but how will you know?

If the leads are so qualified on that email marketing list that you want to buy, they’d probably be milking them rather than trying to share the leads with you. The truth may just be that the list used to have qualified leads but it’s no longer converting.

It could also be that it’s never even been qualified. Just a list that was gotten by arm-twisting people to sign up to get this or that. You’ll get stuck sending mails, paying email service providers and not converting.

2. Reported as spam: Your Emails will be reported as spam. If people didn’t give you their email address and they are suddenly getting mails from you, they can report you and suddenly, you’re chilling with bottled Coke in their spam folder.

3. Poor engagement rate: I mean, if they don’t flag you as spam, they may just leave your emails to continue gathering dust. No engagement. No opens. Just silence. You’ll keep paying for a large list and seeing no returns.

4. Hurts email deliverability: If enough people report your emails as spam, it will end up hurting your email deliverability.

Before you know it, all mails you send will start going straight to the spam folder. But my friend, you’ll still be paying and making no returns. Because you were looking for a quick fix.

5. Email service providers can ban you: There are email service providers that are against list buying.

So when you buy a mailing list and import it, you can get flagged and when your emails keep getting reported, you may just get banned.

It’s always a good idea to build your list from the scratch. You won’t get a large list overnight but when you do, it’ll be worth it.


By James Ogunjimi

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